Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some of the Craziest Dreams

For as long as I can remember, my friend and I always talked about how psychic my dreams are. This does not mean that all my dreams come true, because I do have some pretty out there dreams that I know for a fact will probably never come true, but for the longest I've been trying to decipher my dreams.

As I was taking a nap today, I had quite the dream, that got me thinking. I mean, I love my boyfriend, but there is still that question in my mind about whether or not if a certain person stepped up to the plate if I would even be dating my boyfriend right now. But, now to the dream:

I'm pretty much on campus and I'm walking around and out of nowhere Don* comes up to me and starts taking me somewhere. I'm not worried, because I pretty much know where he'd be taking me, but I'm a little surprised.
From what I recall (that is not from dreamer's road) is that he has a girlfriend on campus and there's another girl he has more interest in than me. I was merely one of the first girls he meet on campus.
We're just walking around the campus together as people we know and some that I don't know, who he apparently does, shout out to him and talk to him. I'm being pretty quiet because I'm trying to figure out what brought this on. Never in a million years would I have imagined him doing something like that.
Before long, we're laying on the cement. Don't ask me how we got there, but either way, we're both laying down on it and he's kissing my neck and squeezing my leg, and needless to say I'm getting very hot. But I guess you can say reality strikes in the dream and I start thinking about his girlfriend and that girl he supposedly really likes that I'm friends with. You would think I'd think about my relationship, but I don't. Basically, I push him off of me (which was really hard to do both physically, mentally, and emotionally) and ask him why he's doing this. I question his faithfulness to his girlfriend, ask about my friend, and then try to figure out why all this attention for me? I mean, just last semester he wasn't really talking to me. Either way, he doesn't have an answer and I'm kinda upset infuriated. I want him to say that this all a joke, that he really wanted me, but he doesn't. So now I'm sitting on the ground looking at him, trying to figure out why I'm his last resort choice, the girl he goes to when he can't go to anyone else, and feel used and abused.

Then I woke up.

Just thinking about the dream has me feeling some type of way about a person I shouldn't be feeling any type of way over. I thought I was over that, but apparently I'm not. Maybe it's because he's a Pisces and I have terrible luck when it comes to Pisces. I mean, I'm always falling for them, but they always have interests elsewhere.

(*=not actual name)