Wednesday, October 21, 2009


As I look at all the female rappers that I've known of and heard of since the day I was born, the one that stuck out the most to be was Eve, maybe because she's my favorite female rapper.
I feel like she's the real thing, not just another female who realized she could rap and also noticed that she had a body that every boy wants to climb on, so uses her sex appeal to sell albums about how crazy her sex is and why she's one of kind.
Eve kept it simple and straight to the point. She was a ride or die chick, it didn't matter where she went she was going to make a name for herself, and she knew how to have fun. Honestly, I don't think many female rappers compare to Eve, she's covered every topic the way a singer would with her bars.

All I'm saying is, if I was to ever become a rapper, I would want to be compared to Eve rather than all those Barbie Nicki Minaj clones out there and sex-wielding Lil' Kims.

Point blank.