Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuffing Season...

So, as I was sitting here, ready to give blogger a rest for the day and take up to tweeting the night away I remembered a note I posted on Facebook last year about cuffing season. I had entitled the note seasons of love and seeing as we're having an early winter and I have a brand new audience, I thought I'd propose the same questions I raised in that piece to you as well. So without further ado...the note I had written entitled "Seasons of Love":

So as I was sitting in my room talking on the phone with (name shall not be revealed), I began to think about the note that Gabby had posted not too long ago in response to another note regarding the topic of love. I also began to think about another note that was also posted a few weeks ago in regards to the beginning of "Cuffing Season". I'm not exactly the most knowledgeable person when it comes to love, seeing as I've never been in love and I regard the feelings within the relationships that I've had and have as being an extreme like. But anyway, as I was talking to (name shall not be revealed), we both came to the realization that love or rather relationships seem to revolve around the seasons of the year, quite heavily.
Everyone knows that winter is the official "Cuffing Season". Everyone is hooking up with a so called special someone to keep them warm during the winter months and mistakenly calling their relationship love when it's merely a need to just have someone to keep them warm during the winter months. That and a lack of winter activities that allows them to go out and mingle with the opposite sex the way they'd like to. Besides, winter is filled with the most holidays and nobody wants to be lonely during the holidays.
"Cuffing Season" comes to a close as spring begins and with the beginning of spring is the end of these notorious types of relationships which were based on the mere need to have a cuddle buddy rather then a meaningful relationship based on love. Spring brings forth an opportunity for people to go out and party, show some skin, and mingle with the opposite sex. Random hookups are once again a must because suddenly nobody knows what they want in relationship or in the opposite sex anymore. It's all about experiencing new things and people. All about making yourself available for that guy or girl that you noticed during "Cuffing Season" when you were taken who piqued your interest and you want to have an opportunity with.
"Summer Love" is when once again everyone hooks up, solely on the basis of how good they look together, the "hotness" of the other person and once again wrongly diagnose it as love when it's more like lust. You can blame it on the fact that the summer heat has forced everyone to get into shape and has made it acceptable to walk around half naked, thus creating the need for everyone to have the best looking guy or girl on their arms.
Then fall rolls around and the "Thanksgiving Day Breakup" seems inevitable, with everyone back at school and not wanting to be tied down because their at school, filled with more then enough eye candy to make them question if they really want to be in the relationship they are in or try someone else out.
And naturally the cycle continues throughout the seasons, diagnosing the seasons of spring and fall to be filled with the most breakups and random hookups, while winter and summer seem to be the seasons where everyone is falling in love and suddenly wants to settle down.
I'm not trying to downplay anyone's relationships that just so happen to have fallen into "Cuffing Season", Lord knows that I'm not, I just don't want everyone to jump on the "Cuffing Season" bandwagon and get into relationships for all the wrong reasons, only to break up in the spring and wonder what went wrong. I just think that as we all enter this season, we seriously take the time to evaluate the relationships we are about to form and the people we are about to form them with.
There's no reason to ruin a friendship because you want to have a cuddle buddy, someone to keep you warm during those cold months or to break a heart because of your own selfish/ personal needs. But I'm done with my little philosophy about the "seasons of love" which I'm pretty sure someone is going to argue valid points as to why everything I wrote is nothing more nonsensical writing.
So now I wait for the valid argument telling me that I'm wrong about these so called "Seasons of love"...