Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I can't even begin to explain my love for Barbie dolls. There was just something majestic and beautiful about them. I never once thought they were intended to be role models for young girls growing up, because I felt they had a story way too advance for a little girl to understand. They had complex lives. They had aspirations, worries, romance, careers, friends, and family to juggle alongside the best of the women in the world.

When I came across I fell right back in love with the Barbie doll.

The creator of the website is Erica Lynn, who just so happens to dedicate the website to the dolls she repaints, collects, styles, and photographs. If you were one of those people that thought Barbie dolls had no personality, no story, no charisma, no nothing, this site will make you rethink those opinions.

If you look through some of the pictures you'll realize that's where I got my banner for this page from. I took a sampling of her pictures and blended them (well not really) together to great the banner. Now I wished my blog was entitled "Just Another Black Barbie Doll" instead of "...that girl, Nicki Daniels." But whatever, this blog title will have to do. I credit her for the banner.

All I have to say is, her website is worth checking out. While most of it is just pictures of dolls and no true story line, I have to remind you that a picture is worth a thousand words, and trust me, when you see those pictures you'll understand why.

Natural Beauty by cutieerica.