Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet the Alter Ego...

I honestly think that if I was to construct my alter ego, giver her a name, create for her an identity, that she would heave the name of Nicki Daniels, seeing as my actual name is something else.

Of course Nicki Daniels sounds quite normal, but I always imagined her being a bit hardcore with a name designed to fool the best of us. I imagine her having a very seductive personality, not afraid to show off who she is, but somehow being classy about it and she's also a downright bitch. She's into the eccentrics and drawn to things that the average person would be skeptical about being drawn to until it becomes a pop cult item.
Of course she wouldn't be dressed in spandex and leather or where atrocious wigs of varying styles and colors. Nothing about her would even scream hoodrat. There would an allure about her that is difficult to escape from and in a way, she's a bit mysterious. She's also very daring.

To be completely honest, maybe that's who I should be be for Halloween, my alter ego.

And I just liked this picture of Monica and her son and all these different types of personalities/egos represented.