Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Men You Encounter...

If it's one thing I can tell you, it's that I've met guys in college that I would probably never meet anywhere else. Their personalities, may seem to fit some other males you may or may not know or know of, but to me, the actuality of finding such a breed of men here, on my campus, was absolutely astonishing.

I'm not about to get into my adventures with these guys, but I do think they are all noteworthy in some way. (Maybe, I'll do another post and dedicate it that.)

For starters, let's just saw I've probably met all the men of the world. I've met the:

Sweetheart: He's comes off like Prince Charming, manners abounding. He takes how you feel into consideration and is the politest male you've ever met. He makes it known that he takes pride in himself and what he does. He tells you he's different from all the other guys and his excuses sound legit enough. He can't stop by right now cause he just got out the gym and he doesn't want you to see him at his worse, so as soon as he cleans up he'll come by, but little do you know he's playing the field and using his irresistible, 'I don't do stuff like that' line to get where he needs to be with the ladies.

The Talker: He likes to talk big and care less about what you have to say to him. He's apparently a good thing and you should feel honored that he's even looking your way. He gets whatever he wants and you should be willing to provide him whatever he wants, when he wants it. He doesn't take no for an answer and rejection is taboo. He's got an ego big enough for the both of you and as much as he says that he's a good thing and he can get anyone he wants, he still calls you at all hours of the night trying to see 'what's good with you'.

The Professional: He's professional with it. He's a smooth talker and he has experience dealing with girls of a wide variety. He knows how to make you feel like you're the only person that matters and is a convincing actor in proving just how much he claims to like you. He pretends to show interest in what you have to say and is willing to show you off at the first chance he's got, regardless of whether or not there is another female. He's always dodging someone that may or may not know him. He uses the fact that he's got a job to make it seem like he's really busy, doing important stuff, when he's actually talking to other girls. He wants you to keep your relationship on a professional level. No unnecessary talking unless needed.

His Wingman: He's suppose be the distraction for your girls, so you and his best friend can get to talking and possibly mingling, but he has eyes on you instead. He's willing to go betray his friendship just to talk to you, if not just to smash, and he sees nothing wrong with keeping it a secret. He'll even pretend that nothing happened when he's around his best friend and your there to, but he'll try everything to get you to spend the night with him. He's naturally a charmer, but his comments must be watched, cause while you think he's just cracking jokes, he's trying to talk to you in code.

The Partier: He only acknowledges you as that girl at that party he went to that he had a great time at. He only calls you to see if you're going to another party. He only calls you after the party is over. Your suppose to be his party one night stand, that's ongoing for those nights that there are parties. He's attractive, but he's shallow and his interest don't go far besides saying he has someone to go home with or even chill with after the party is over.

So far, those are the only types I've met. Maybe there are more and I'm just forgetting and some of them that I know are combos of the above.

I guess I'll have to come back next time and make a part two to this if I remember any more.