Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reward for a Job Well Done...

I can't wait for my first paycheck. I already have plans on how I'm going to spend it and the first place the money will get spent is in Charlotte Russe, the store I have come to love for the simplicity of finding things I like and because I can find complete outfits from coats and underwear to shoes and accessories, it's like a one stop shop. Either way, I love it.

Below is an outfit, I can't help but want to pair together for the sake of having bought something with my first paycheck and to celebrate myself and feel kinda sexy cool.

Charlotte Russe- Open Knit Cardigan $21.99
Charlotte Russe- Belted Tweed Dress $26.99
 Charlotte Russe- Patent Peep Toe Maryjanes $24.99

Normally, about $60 for an entire outfit is too much for me to spend, but it's my first paycheck, so why shouldn't I splurge??