Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making My Day a Better One...

I decided that I wasn't going to let all the rain, cold weather, and gloominess of the day deter me from having a good day.

Did I succeed??? Well that all depends how you measure success and what qualifies as having a good day.

For starters, I went to all of my classes, even though the urge to remain in bed and the gloomy weather tried to deter me from my academic goals. So I went to both classes and surprise surprise, my first class gets out early. The downside to this was that I had class right after it and naturally, I wasn't paying attention to time so I darted out of class like I always do to get to it since it's on the other side of campus. I had to wait a whole 20 minutes before anyone decided to show up. Not to mention the class seemed to drag on for hours and every question my professor asked required the pulling of teeth to get a response.
So where is the bright side to this? During my moments of waiting for class to begin I managed to stumble across this picture on my cell:

These are the flowers my boyfriend had bought me over the summer. Of course they aren't the traditional red roses, but that's why I loved them. They were unique and just brightened up the room. Looking at them during those moments waiting for class to begin as it rained outside, made me happy. Suddenly, my day was going great again and I was smiling.

After class I returned to my room and decided to do my nails. That made me feel pretty ok too. I was giving myself the pampering that I've neglected to do in the past month. I always manage to forget about pampering myself. So I commenced with doing my nails and decided, why not do acrylic. I mean, I know how to do it, I now possess the tools, why not try doing it on my own hand.
Buffing, sizing, and gluing the tips were no problem. Cutting them down and filing them, once again no problem. Reapplying glue where the tip and nail met and then buffing it smooth, no problem. Applying the acrylic and buffing it after it tried to smoothness, a big problem.
For starters, I didn't check my brush and it was stiff. Needless to say the acrylic was all messy and didn't do it's job. So I tried it again. I cleaned the brush and worked it in my fingers so it wouldn't be as stiff. Success. Reapplying the acrylic, no success. Let me just explain by saying, I'm not good at applying nail polish to my own nails. It get it all over my fingers and cuticles. Now imagine the acrylic. This hard drying substance all over my fingers and nails. A huge mess. I'm still removing acrylic and let me tell you acrylic isn't the easiest thing to remove. Also, I didn't coat my nails evenly with the acrylic so parts of it had a lot and some not so much (the agony of clear acrylic that you can't really see as you spread it). So after all those trials, I got tired and was getting sick from the smell so I decided to call it a day, buff it and apply clear nail polish.
Guess what happened as I buffed? The parts of my nail that didn't have enough acrylic on that buffed right off. I didn't own any clear nail polish so I had to borrow some of Reme's and that didn't go so well either. Although I won't complain, seeing as I borrowed it without asking, but it was sticking and not coating my nails well.

So what did I do?

I looked at the clock, realized that it was about 7:10 and panicked. I had to be at GSU for 7:30. So I decided to screw my nails, I'll finish them some other time and stuffed my heels into my bag, grabbed my keys and umbrella, threw my jacket on and rushed out the door.

So where is the brightness to this?


And my night just got even better at the realization that BEST FRIEND a.k.a Jon shouted me out on the radio as just that, BEST FRIEND!!!! And I ordered Chinese food and am now fully sastified.

But as we all know, when things go up they must go down and the same has occurred tonight. I spent $10 of the $15 I had, which means I only have $5 left for this weekend to spend on alcohol with Reme. But hopefully this downside will become a good side once the weekend officially begins. A few drinks always brings out the best comedies in us.

*note: I am not an alchy. lol.