Monday, October 26, 2009

Fashion Try Outs

So yesterday, I tried out for my campus's Fashion Show. It's one of the biggest events hosted on campus and is also hosted by BSU (Brothers and Sisters United a.k.a The Black Club). If that doesn't make me proud, I don't know what will. Anyway, I've been dying since last year to hop on board with the whole Fashion Show thing, but I have natural inclination to want to do big things, but back out cause I don't have the self-esteem. (I think I've found my motif for the year)

So last night I tried out. I put on my Guess Suede ankle boots and strutted my stuff in the student union to this year's Fashion Show coordinators. Naturally, I messed up my spins, which they taught us to do, but overall I think I had the confidence to pull it off and to prove them that they wanted me to do their set. Either way, I was feeling pretty good until the actual audition came. I think my walk got weak and I stumbled a bit more on the spins that I had perfected minutes ago when they had me teach some other girl them.

But, I decided to leave last night with my head high and to not think about any negatives.  Hopefully I'll get picked and if I don't, there is always next year, although not getting picked might be reason for me to not try out next year, but whatever.

I think I did well and that's all that counts.