Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yet another uneventful weekend...

So I'm coming to the conclusion that my weekends are becoming increasingly dull and uneventful. This weekend, all of that has to change. HAS TO!!!

Well, this weekend will be my 10 month anniversary with my boyfriend and hopefully (cross my fingers) he'll come and spend the day with me. Honestly, we wouldn't have to do anything, that would be enough excitement for the week for me to call it eventful.

Yesterday was quite uneventful. The only truly exciting thing and that wasn't even all that uneventful was meeting "Stranger." He's a junior at Trinity (a local CT college in the area) and was on my campus yesterday, at my place of work, because he was hungry and had a meeting upstairs with the brothers of his fraternity. (I completely forgot the name of it, sorry.) Basically, he helped me pass an hour, approximately, of work down here. We talked about the part of NY we were both from (he's from Brooklyn, go figure). He told me that Queens was wack, but said the fact that I lived in Jamaica, Queens made it slightly better.

Let's just say we held a decent conversation, before he decided that he should go back to his meeting. His meeting lasted over 4 hours. How do I know this? My work shift is 5 hours. His meeting started an hour after I started work and I left work before he left his meeting. Makes me curious as to what a fraternity needs to have meeting about for that long.

Other than that, I actually got to work yesterday. Surprisingly people were around and were buying things. Most of them were from a sorority, I'm going to assume Delta Gamma considering that is what my roommate is pledging and they all seemed to come down here shortly after she went back upstairs with some girl.

My night continued on with me doing my nails (which I detest) and my laundry. I didn't have enough to dry both loads so I stuck both loads in the dryer and my clothes were still wet when they came out. Needless to say my room looked a hot mess with my clothes sprawled everywhere.

Didn't have enough money for the dryer so I did this
(My clothes all over my bed, in an attempt to dry.)

But, Peter came back to visit us. That made the night exciting, but he left to go to a party and left the rest of us in the dorm with nothing but each other's company and music. Heard some good ol' throwback joints though. Had Ja Rule on blast, lol. I drank the little of my Long Island Ice Tea, that I had left (there is still some in the bottle) and decided to call it a night cause nothing exciting was occurring.

That was last night.

Today, the final night of the weekend, I have doubts that things can recover and get better. It's already noon and I'm at work. Only one person has came to buy something here. No one has made a guest appearance and held a conversation with me. And I have to clean my room when I get back and do my homework. I highly doubt there will be an last minute parties going on with everyone gearing up for classes tomorrow and getting there homework done tonight.

I guess I should keep hope alive, but I think I'm more excited about the fact that my shoes will be arriving this week, I will get paid, and it's my anniversary weekend.

Here's keeping the hope alive.