Thursday, November 5, 2009



That's how I feel right now. Annoyed. Upset. Outraged. Angry. Frustrated. And all other words that sum up the emotion in that picture.

It's official that I've been dealing with the worse week of my life. Nothing has proven to go right just yet and it's frustrating me. I still need to go my dean and get him to sign this paper for a class I'm taking that I was registered for and apparently no longer am registered for, so I can get my credits and grade at the end of the semester.
I'm also waiting for my SS so I can submit it to Human Resources and finally get paid. I'm in dire need of cash and my cash flow has startling dwindled. Yet, my campus mailbox reveals no letter from my mother alerting me that I have this item.
Secondly, I got my recommendation from ShoeDazzle, picked my shoe, and it hasn't arrived yet. I wonder if I was living at my house if the shoes would have arrived already or if I'm just really bad at estimating the time that these things are shipped and length of time they take to arrive. Either way, it has made me extremely agitated.

My breakfast didn't even help to cheer me up and to make matters worse, some uninvited guest is sitting across from me in the God forsaken GSU in an area I thought I had marked off from intrusion.

So, if you couldn't tell before, now you can see why I'm so annoyed.