Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today is a Work Day

I'm sitting here at work, patiently awaiting for someone to come downstairs and try to buy something.

Good news to all that attend the University of Hartford and hated the fact that the Hungry Hawk (the snack shop downstairs in GSU) didn't accept cash. Now it does!!

I'm also currently sitting here at work, not only questioning the lack of customers but the lack of free time in my schedule today. I'm working an 11-5 shift today and afterwards I have a meeting at 5:30 with my liturgical dance group, afterwards a staff meeting at 7pm and then fashion show practice at 7:30. I assume that I'll barely get to see my room today and furthermore will go without a nap. (Tragic, isn't it?)

So why is this blogging worthy?

Well for starters, because this is my blog and whatever I deem blog worthy is what will essentially be blog worthy. Second, why not start the rebirth of my blog with a bit of randomness about my life. Thirdly, that's all I've got.

So my dilemma is this, with so little time in between so many of these events, I'm going to starve to death. I know I'm very skinny and for the most part I don't eat at regular intervals, but when I'm hungry, I'm hungry and don't expect me to share. Also, being at work for such a devastating long time with absolutely nothing to do is going to drive me up the wall and make me go insane. There is only so much you can do at work with your laptop and phone before you get sick and tired of both and want something else to do.

It's such a shame that none of my friends will visit me during this time, simply because for the most part they're still knocked in their beds and won't begin to move until close to 2pm. Once they awake, they'll be sitting around complaining of hunger and awaiting to go the Commons for dinner, which isn't until 4:30pm. This leaves them with no opportunity to come and visit me. I mean, GSU is a trek from where we live on campus.

What makes it worse is that I don't have hubby to keep me fully entertained. Am the only one that loves talking to their significant other, but then enough is enough and you need someone else to talk to, otherwise you'd kill yourself from hearing him/her repeat their ideals and talk about their life?

What is also currently killing me is the conflicting noises come from a television that I can see and one that I can't. I mean honestly, either we're going to listen to sports or listen to music videos. Unfortunately we can't do both at the same time, it just doesn't work.

But we're on to the next one, which isn't exactly something to discuss, but rather a way to sign off on what is to become perhaps my most hectic day thus far, without truly being hectic.

So much time and no way to waste it all. Smh.